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Celebrating Black History Year Round

Limited knowledge means limited growth. As history repeats itself, we can’t remedy the trials of today without fully understanding the stories and truths of the past. Our goal is to represent our culture and lifestyle while honoring those that paved the way before us. At Blvck America, every month is Black History Month.
Blvck America creates custom t-shirts featuring important yet overlooked figures in Black history. As it stands today, the events of the past are taught by leaving out massively important details in favor of downplaying the truth. Often, people are unaware of the full scope of Black history beyond what’s been taught in the history books. Blvck America is here to change that.
We’re more than just a clothing brand. Our aim is to shine a light on cultural icons who are underappreciated and ignored in the conversation around Black history. There are a number of figures who’s contributions still affect us today, but remain nameless because they’ve been left out of the narrative. The platform we’ve created provides a space to learn about those individuals by removing the bias and prejudice that underlines the way history is currently taught. By uncovering these truths, we can work to empower ourselves and future generations to come.
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